What do men really think about weaves, hair extensions and make-up?

It’s an open secret; most women love their make-up and they equally love getting their hair done. But, what do the men really think about all this? Would they prefer their partners to look more natural, without the weave and extra make-up? PAIDA MPASO takes a bold step for the benefit of all womankind and seeks the men’s honest opinions.

Stanford Edward, Entrepreneur from Mulanje.

I am the kind of man who does not like it when women wear make up or these hair extensions. My kind of woman is one who prefers to keep everything simple and natural. That means no treated hair, no make up and certainly no weaves.


Mangani Obet, a Salesperson from Soche East, Blantyre.

Much as I support make-up, I don’t like it when too much is applied. Don’t get me wrong; I appreciate the beauty that comes with these additions but feel that it is much better for women to not entirely wipe out their natural look. Just don’t ask me to back up weaves and hair extensions because I hate them!


Dumisani Sherif, Businessperson from Chiwembe.

I don’t have a problem with a woman in a weave because not only do they look good, the women also looks confident and that’s what I like.


Mathews Kaku, Businessperson from Chigumula.

Make-up is good as long as it’s not overdone! I grew up with sisters who loved wearing make-up and I guess it kind of grew on me. However, I hate it when women go overboard and look like clowns. I am totally against weaves because I feel natural or treated hair is much better.


Charles Pakhalidwa, Businessperson from Mbayani.

I don’t have a problem when a woman wears make-up. If that’s what people are going to do in order to look good, then there is nothing wrong. It is just a way of life in a woman’s world. However, this is becoming expensive because most of the money is being spent on make-up rather than other important things.



Ken Jam, Salesperson from Chirimba.

There is nothing wrong but the problem is that most ladies do not know how to do it and this makes the whole thing look bad. They overdo it; they wear colours that stand out too much and mismatch their powder shades. Nonetheless, I love it when a woman wears her make-up and puts on a weaves in a proper way.


Frank Kaluka, Civil servant from Chilomoni.

Well, not all men like women to wear make-up. My wife has a naturally beautiful face and looks great, even without make-up. Personally, I don’t like it when she wears lipstick, especially when we are going out because she won’t let me kiss her properly; she says I mess up her gloss!

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