‘Youths should be creative to earn a living’


Christian youths in Zomba have been advised to be creative by venturing into various businesses if poverty is to be eradicated.

Speaking during a one-day youth conference held in Zomba, one of the event organisers, Joshua Chingota, said the youth should be productive in both their respective churches and society.

Quoting from the book of Mathew 7:7, Chingota said the challenge that characterises most youths today is that they lack action in their faith, a development that forces them to remain unproductive.

The youth working in their field

He said the scriptures encourage people to ask, seek and knock, but most people, especially youths, just ask without ‘seeking’ what they have asked from God.

“God blesses works of people’s hands, but how can He bless you if you are not doing anything?” Chingota said.

He advised the youths who are still in school to invest their time in listening to teachers and concentrate on studies while those looking for employment should not tire in applying for jobs or setting up small-scale businesses if they are to experience economic breakthrough.

“Prayer is vital for the life of the person and action actualises what you prayed for. Therefore, at all times remember to pray and work hard if you are to experience the glory of God in your lives,” said Chingota. n

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