Zambia women team taunts Malawi

If the 7-0 baptism of fire in Lusaka a fortnight ago was embarrassing, Malawi women national team should brace for a disaster on Sunday at Kamuzu Stadium in Blantyre, Zambia’s She-polopolo have warned.

She-polopolo captain Debora Chisanga told Zambia Daily Mail that Malawi stands no chance of even scoring in the second leg of the 2012 Africa Women Championship qualifiers.

Another Zambian player, striker Kabange Mupopo, told the newspaper that their fans should expect the best result from the team.

“This game is very important to us. We need not be relaxed after we beat them in the first leg. We need to score more goals this time around,” she is quoted as saying on

She-polopolo coach Enala Simbeya said the team was not relying on the previous victory to beat Malawi.

“We are focusing on the new victory and all we want is to go and qualify for the Africa Cup,” she told the newspaper.

The Zambians were expected to arrive in Malawi yesterday.

In anticipation of a tough match, the She-polopolo on Tuesday measured their strength against a men’s academy team.

The Zambians look certain of meeting Banyana Banyana of South Africa in the final round.

The finals will be held in Equatorial Guinea in November.

But Malawi camp, which was rocked with an alleged players’ rebellion, insists the second leg of the 2012 Africa Cup qualifiers is at 50-50.

The Temwa Msuku side needs to win by an eight-goal margin and pray that the visitors do not score.

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