Malawi on fire!

October 26, 2013 • Youth & Reality • Written by :

Geez!  There is a tremendous amount of fire on the domestic political and administrative scene.

The inferno originates from nothing other than abuse and diversion of public funds. While a commendable chunk of millions of Malawians are yawning in poverty, a few chaps from the Capital Hill and their networks make quick bucks that ultimately adds more misery to the already heightened troubles that Malawi basks in.

If you take a look at the fiasco, you shall surely be angry at the old generation for messing this country up. Yes, they have messed up big time! Why? They lost so much in underutilising their youthful days and now they are amassing wealth using ‘unbiblical’ means in order to catch up for the lost paths. It does not need a rocket scientist to determine that levels of selfishness are so high in Malawi. Our national wealth is only benefitting the privileged few. This puts mother Malawi 50 years back in retrogression.

There is nothing to smile about, and surely this is a wake-up call for the young generation that we need to wake up, open our eyes and comprehensively join the fight to restore mother Malawi’s glory. Otherwise, there is so much more happening than we know or indeed hear and see.

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