St. Michaels school alumni motivating girls

For everyone, the phrase that defines success is that education is the key that opens doors of success in life. Repeatedly, we have heard of such a phrase since time immemorial.

Somehow, there is one important aspect such a phrase omitted if thought of critically. For argument’s sake, it was supposed to incorporate the “inspiration” part of it.

The alumni posing for a picture with a student after giving her a phone during her graduation.

For instance, it is a fact that almost everyone wants to get educated for various reasons. But the basis of one’s inspiration is fundamental for one’s success.

Personally, journalism was a career I chose because I had inspiration right in the home- my father- who passed away two years ago. Still, I am forever inspired by his colleagues who guide me in the newsroom and are still moulding me to become a far much better journalist than I am presently.

Such inspiration is what alumni of St Michaels Girls Secondary School in Mangochi are trying to bring to girls at the institution.

During every graduation ceremony, the alumni buy different gifts and hold career talks.

They mobilise resources to pay tuition for needy students and help maintain the school’s infrastructure and initiates some activities that help benefit the school.

One of the alumni, Bridget Gomani, says their aim is to help give back to their former school and inspire the girls make meaningful decisions upon graduation.

Another alumnus Winnie Sadyalunda, who walked through the school’s corridors from 1989 to 1993, says hard work cannot be overemphasised.

“I want them to be like me. They need to know that school is the most important thing in life. It is what will enable them become successful,” she said. 

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