‘Women should realise their full potential

Since its inception in 2006, Blossom Africa Trust has been committed to empowering women through motivation, information dissemination and skills training.

The organisation was born out of years of experience in counselling and later, life planning seminars for girls and young women nationwidePrayer

Founder of the trust, June Lutwama, says information gleaned from those experiences revealed that many Malawian women do not fully understand their potential to improve themselves and contribute to society.

“Research shows that many Malawian women continue to be victims of gender violence, lack of education, HIV and Aids; high maternal mortality rate and above all, wearing the face of poverty in a country where 80 percent of the population lives below poverty line.

“Many women and girls feel trapped and are resigned to such challenges. Blossom Africa seeks to give them worth and make them ‘blossom’ into the dignified individuals they are created to be,” says Lutwama.

The trust has organised the Appointed, Anointed and Accomplished Woman national conference scheduled for September 17 2016 at Sheaffer ICA Marquee in Lilongwe.

Among other things, women and girls will be ministered on self esteem, relationships, vision and life planning.

Speakers will include Pastor Zohra Matundu of Mzuzu Word Alive Ministries, Pastor Comfort Adebayo of Life Changers International Ministries in Lilongwe, Pastor Stella Fowowe of Word Ambassadors International in Blantyre and Pastor June Lutwama.

Lutwama adds that the choice of topics is in line with their core mission which is to unleash and nurture God ordained potential in women to fully become and achieve their destiny in Christ Jesus.

“We believe these are the major areas that make or break a woman,” she says.

The founder says she believes every human being has an ordained destiny, according to Jeremiah 1:5.

“Every human, including the women, has something that God called them to do. Unfortunately, many people die without entering their calling. It is even harder for women because there are many hurdles against them. But faith in God is faith in God whether you are a woman or a man.

“We, therefore, help modern women set goals, seek God to achieve those goals and live godly lives. It’s about doing what God created you to do and that varies; for some it is business, teaching, being a stay at home mum, politics, medicine, Christian ministry and other things,” says Lutwama. n

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