11 models join Lilly Alfonso brand


Lilly Alfonso (LA) Fashion and Design Company has added 11 more models to its brand to model the company’s garments.

The fashion designer says with constant changes in fashion, Lilly Alfonso saw the need to have varying tastes in models to fit various images and looks from the company’s collection of garments.

“Fashion changes constantly, so do models.  We wanted to have a different taste in models. For this new selection, we have a wide range of models fitting different images and looks for our collection.

To brand Lilly Alfonso : The new models

“It’s going to be fun. On the other hand, we wanted to have the best models that can represent not only our brand but also Malawi. So ideally, we wanted to have different models to work with,” says Alfonso.

During the auditions that were held at Sunbird Lilongwe  a few weeks ago, 42 aspiring LA models came through and 24 of them were shortlisted in the first week. The final auditions saw 11 models picked after hours of tests last week, according to her.

She says there were a number of things they were looking for in the new models at Lilly Alfonso, including skin tone, facial structure, boldness, confidence, attitude, appearance and the catwalk skills.

“We were also looking at the height and fitness of the models. Females had to be between five feet five inches and six foot tall. Males, on the other hand had to be five foot nine inches all the way up to six foot two inches tall,” she explains.

Alfonso says the new models are at LA to stay, stating, however, that they will have more new faces to represent their new sub-labels LAmann and LAwomann.

“LAwomann and LAmann are sub-labels of Lilly Alfonso specialising in women’s and men’s garments, respectively,” she points out

Lilly Alfonso is rebranding and also expanding with the main focus of penetrating the international market. The brand has grown tremendously over the years, admitting that it took a lot of focus with all the challenges along the way. 

“But it was worth it. It is not only about success but we also look at the lessons learnt along the way, and it took a lot of patience. If you have a vision, it is very important to stay with your mission, regardless of what comes your way. Unfortunately, most people give up,” she says.

Lilly Alfonso started out as a hobby; making clothes for her friends. By and by, the number of people asking for her services grew; forcing her to open a tailoring shop to accommodate the growing numbers of customers.

According to her, the brand itself was born after winning an award as best designer, which was when she actually considered herself a designer. And she has never looked back since. n

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