Councillor throws weight behind NPL Kauma project

Councillor for Nyama Ward in Lilongwe, Heston Zybion, has thrown his weight behind a Nation Publications Limited (NPL) waste management project at Kauma in the district.

During one of his development meetings at Kauma, the councillor pledged to support the project.

Zybion speaks at a meeting at Kauma

Since his election in the May 21 Tripartite Elections, Zybion has been mobilising people to take an active role in development activities.

“We are grateful to NPL and Tilitonse Foundation for starting a waste management project in our area.

“To show appreciation, we need to unite and support them because this project will turn Kauma into a clean and hygienic area,” said Zybion at a meeting, also attended by business, block and religious leaders from the area.

He said he would work with the legislator for the area to initiate and implement development activities.

Speaking during the meeting, Chief Kauma said the area has in the past been hit by cholera outbreaks because of lack of hygienic practices.

He said some people died and others were admitted to hospitals because of cholera outbreaks.

Kauma said the only way to arrest cholera and other diarrhoeal diseases was to maintain a clean environment.

He asked his subjects to support Zybion and his development agenda. NPL, with support from Tilitonse Foundation, is implementing a waste management project that seeks to build and strengthen community structures to promote active citizenship.

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