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Drone technology boosts TBcontrol efforts in Mangochi

The introduction of drone technology at Malombe Health Centre has significantly improved the fight against tuberculosis (TB) in Mangochi District.

The facility’s TB officer Felix Jameson hailed the drone technology as a game-changer in the fight against TB.

Jameson (L) and his colleague collect the medical supplies delivered by a drone

He said: “Before the introduction of drones, it took seven days to receive test results, but now we get them within three days.

“This rapid turnaround allows us to initiate TB treatment promptly, crucial for effective patient care and TB control.”

Jameson further noted that drone technology has eliminated the need to discard samples due to transportation constraints.

“In the past, we were forced to discard samples due to the lack of reliable transportation. However, with drones, we can ensure that all samples reach the district hospital for testing,” he said.

The initiative, spearheaded by VillageReach, has facilitated the timely delivery of TB samples from the health centre to the district hospital’s main TB laboratory for testing.

In February, the devastating effects of Cyclone Freddy-induced floods on the road network leading to the health centre disrupted ambulance services, hindering the delivery of medicines and medical supplies.

VillageReach president Emily Bancroft expressed satisfaction with the positive feedback received from the community.

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