­­Govt clears Bingu Stadium water bill

Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture has settled the K148 million water bill for Bingu National Stadium (BNS) in Lilongwe which was continuously disrupting the facility’s operations.

Confirming the clearance, the ministry’s spokesperson Symon Mbvundula said the bill was paid in full at Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) this week.

Bingu National Stadium

“We are indeed grateful to government for settling the bill. Better late than never,” he said.

Mvundula blamed the bill accumulation on postpaid meter “but we have now resorted to prepaid meter system.”

According to the stadium’s management, after installing the prepaid meter, LWB  was recovering up to 60 percent from the units to settle up the accumulated bill.

BNS acting operations manager McMillan Mwale said the bill settlement will facilitate the maintenance of the stadium.

“The deduction meant, for example, that when we are buying K2 million worth of units, we could only get water amounting to K600 000. This paralysed us because we could not water the grass sufficiently,” he said.

Mwale was hopeful that business will improve because it will be less expensive for event organisers to hire the facility.

“It was quiet expensive to be hosting some events because whatever we get we were supposed to make an arrangement with the organisers so that we should buy water. It made this facility expensive to hire,” he said.

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