KA fundraises for junior’s orchestra


Kamuzu Academy Orchestra on Sunday joined forces with Malawi Defence Forces, (MDF) Brass Band in concert to raise funds for buying music equipment for the school’s junior orchestra.

KA director of music Donald Kaluwire said music interest is huge at the institution, hence, the need for new music equipment.

He said: “The equipment we have at the moment will not be sufficient to serve the new orchestra, therefore, we intend to buy new music equipment. Music equipment is not cheap therefore, we are looking for a minimum of K5 million for that purpose.”

Kamuzu Academy students perform with Kamuzu Barracks Brass Band

The performance which took place at Bingu International Convention Centre (Bicc) was patronised by the diplomatic community, top government officials, including the Vice-President Saulos Chilima and his wife Mary, deputy Army Commander Clement Namangale and some senior MDF officials as well as parents of Kamuzu Academy students who were performing during the night.

MDF donated K1 million to the cause.

Announcing this, Namangale said: “On behalf of the army commander and the entire MDF I would like to donate K1 million towards the cause this concert was organised for.”

The performances included contemporary jazz. The MDF Brass Band displayed its professionalism throughout the concert. At some point three members of the band did contemporary jazz that left the audience sitting on edge of their seats.

After the contemporary jazz session, came the climax of the night when Kamuzu Academy orchestra did Haydn’s Symphony 94 which is a professional piece that was composed by Joseph Haydn in 1791 in London for a concert series he gave during the first of his visits to England (1791-1792). Its premiere took place at the Hannover Square Rooms in London on March 23, 1792, with Haydn leading the orchestra seated on a fortepiano.

The Symphony 94 was nicknamed the surprise symphony because of its sudden loud dynamics from  soft passages. It would make unprepared listeners ‘jump out of their skins’ and that is what makes it so entertaining.

Bicc was filled with professional melodies as the Kamuzu Academy students played their wind, stringed and brass instruments in four movements as were designed by the Symphony 94 creator, Haydn.

MDF Band music conductor Major Levison Chisambi expressed satisfaction with the students’ perfomance, calling them professionals.

He said: “Although these are only students, their knowledge of music is so satisfactory so much that we are happy to share a stage with them as they are raising funds for the junior orchestra. In fact, this is the second time we have performed together.” n

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