Lilongwe, Capital of rot?

As a soul privileged to live under veil of the city skies, albeit deep in the gutter, I must cherish any good vibe about urban living.
But look here Esteemed Republicans, our towns and cities are rotten and a far cry from the best that a city can pack. The best of efforts are needed to reclaim the beauty that our urban areas ever knew.
Streams and rivers are stinking and watering disease into households downstream.
Roads are dotted with overflowing skips and strewn with paper, cloth, discarded metal, old tyres, plastic bottles and even stray dogs killed by motorists rushing about their filthy lifestyles.
Alleys are reeling under the obnoxious and choking weight of pungent smells of urine or its cousin.
Security walls, just like road signs, are defaced by posters of music shows and gospel crusades alike.
The tranquil is disturbed by the piercing din of minibus touts, the rattle of rumbling generators or bottle stores playing trash music at trash high volumes.
Well, our towns and cities, from Mzuzu to Blantyre, are under siege, but Lilongwe is exceptionally worse and rotting even faster. You may beg to differ; that is the beauty about our rotten perspectives too!
While Blantyre seems to be on the road to awareness against fetid lifestyles and making strides in winning the battle against decay, Lilongwe gives the impression it has happily become the Capital of Rot.
If you are travelling from Lilongwe to Blantyre, upon entry into the commercial city you notice a breath of effort at going back to the old and clean ideals.
With the completed road refurbishments, the oldest town is reclaiming its glory, save for naughty drivers still parking in restricted areas or a few remaining rascals still throwing banana peels anyhow.
Sometimes the difference in approach may as well lie in the team’s coach. By the way, who is coaching the Lilongwe Team?

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