Malawi Catholics urged to adopt contraception

Head of Phalula Parish in Balaka, Father ClemencePindurani, has appealed to Catholic faithful to consider adopting contraception to support government efforts to control overpopulation in the country.

Pindurani made the appeal last Sunday when the church meditated on the effects of the population boom on the country’s economy and natural resources.

Futures Group-Health Policy Project (HPP) is working with faith leaders to mobilise believers to take key roles in managing population growth in light of dwindling natural and economic resources in the country.

The Catholic Church, viewed by many as conservative and opposed to use of contraceptives, is among those working with HPP in sensitising the faithful on the ills of overpopulation.

And on the day, priests from all parishes and outstations built their homilies around the problems caused by overpopulation.

And in his homily, Pindurani said overpopulation has caused a lot of suffering on the nation; hence, the need for all Malawians, including Catholic couples, to embrace contraceptives in the fight against the vice.

“Just like government, the church is equally concerned with the rate at which population is growing in the country. I’m saying this because some people think the church is not concerned with overpopulation. Overpopulation breeds crime and the rise in the number of orphans. Usually, these orphans turn to the church for support,” said Pindurani.

The priest urged his faithful to consult the Catholic Health Commission when unsure on the best practices.

HPP programme advisor responsible for population and family planning LastonMteka-Banda commended the Catholic Church for clarifying its position on contraceptives among its faithful.

Mteka-Banda assured faith leaders in Balaka of his organisation’s support towards increased awareness among conservative Christian and Muslim communities.

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