Missed opportunity, again

President Peter Mutharika is a troubled man, no doubt about that.

His speech in Mangochi, when he commissioned military ships this week, was a clear sign of a man who is slowly losing hold of himself and this country. As he delivered his speech, one could hear his voice crack.

He went flat-out to attack the Human Rights Defenders Coalition leaders (HRDC) and opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and UTM he also accused of trying to seize power from him through the ongoing anti-Jane Ansah demonstrations.

Mutharika is known for his indifference in the face of crises, like the one that has rocked the country. He thinks he can wish away problems by being mute.

After months of demonstrations and nothing heard from him, many Malawians thought Mutharika would seize the opportunity in Mangochi to unite a country that is slowly becoming divided and ungovernable. Many also thought the President would take advantage of the event to offer an olive branch to HRDC and many Malawians who strongly believe they have been short-changed at the polls.

True to his nature of being indifferent, Mutharika had the audacity to divert from the event—commissioning of the ships—and took a swipe at HRDC and opposition parties, especially, MCP and UTM.

It was sad to watch the whole President throw babyish tantrums at the opposition, with no regard to decorum. Each time Mutharika has been expected to show leadership, he has failed to live up the bill. It has always been like this since the time held ministerial positions.

And then, one wonders what his advisers are there for. For a good part of his speech—I saw him read the speech—meaning that someone wrote and approved it. This someone, whom I am going to assume is one of his advisers, in their right senses pumped Mutharika to say the things he said. Gosh!

This country needs someone who can step up to the leadership plate and lead the people out of this post-election mess. This is not the time for a President to be throwing babyish tantrums that only serve to make things worse than correcting the mess.

For starters, Mutharika should have at least shown Malawians that he is concerned about what is going on in the country and at least say that he is engaging the under fire MEC chairperson.

The problems rocking the country at the moment will not be solved by either side threatening each other. These problems will only be solved if either side sobers up and dialogue. Malawians can’t continue to live in a state of uncertainty because of incapable leaders who fail to step up to the leadership plate.

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