Positions are rewards—Apostle Jere

August 6 2016 shall remain a memorable day to Pastor JOSHUA SYNODEN JERE of Chipata Pentecost Church as it is the day he was ordained to the high office of Apostleship. JAMES CHIMPWEYA had a chance to talk to the newly ordained Apostle to find out what it takes for one to be elevated to such high office. Excerpts:

What does it take to be elevated to such high office in God’s ministry?

The high office of God’s ministry is just the reward of one’s commitment in God’s service. There are some offices that one has to acquire after undergoing training, such as the office of reverend, but some of the key positions such as those of bishop, apostle, prophet and evangelist, which come after one’s hard working and commitment to God’s work.


Why do you think you became an Apostle?

I started my ministry soon after being Born Again. I became a Born Again Christian in 1986 during the Reinhard Bonnke crusade held at Chichiri Grounds (now Shoprite premises). God spoke to Bonnke that there was a young boy who was going to start his ministry soon. It took me three years to go into serious evangelism. Then I went flat out preaching the word of God to mission work and making peace among spiritual fathers and their flock as well as pastors, church leaders and founders of the church.


Which churches did you serve soon after becoming a Born Again Christian?

I had been ministering as youth vice-pastor at hand of God, Pentecostal Church of God, Holy Cross Church as a full youth pastor at Blantyre Christian Centre, Glad Tidings, Full Gospel Church of God, Twelve Apostles and Church of God in Christ. After seeing what I went through, people decided to ordain me Apostle. Apart from these local congregations, I have served at several international ministries such as Youth with Missions as an interpreter, CFAN, Rivers Ministries, Great Commissions, Timothy Leadership Training and Faith in Action. Apart from serving other people’s ministries and churches, I started my own ministries Dalitso Young Believers, Last Days Fellowship, Christ Ambassadors, and Pastors for Action as well as Pastors Peacemakers Fraternal, which I head.


People want to know who Joshua Synoden Jere is.

Joshua Synoden Jere is the last-born son of the Synoden Jere Family. He was born on May 14 1979 and has three two sons and a daughter. Joshua went to various schools, including Dharap, St Pius, Soche Malamulo, and Lumbira Distance Education Centre.


Who presided over your elevation?

The ordination ceremony was attended by many sons and daughters of God. The function was led by senior Apostle Emmanuel Moses Lumwira of Apostolic Prophetic Royal Assembly (Apra). Some of the people who assisted Apostle Lumwira were Bishop Chimwemwe Mtuwa, Evance Khobidi, Blantyre Pastors Fraternal chair and Bishop Chika. n

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