Sight-testing clinic diagnoses 280

Lions Club of Capital City (LCCC) eye-testing clinic has diagnosed 280 people from Nathenje in Lilongwe with sight problems.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency, LCCC president Pierre Mbisa said the exercise, which was held in partnership with Canadian Vision Care, brought 1 500 glasses.

“Sight is one of the most important human being senses; hence, the need for people to have functional eyes.

Mbisa during the exercise

That is why we brought the services closer to the people here,” he said.

Mbisa said the eye-testing-clinic  is conducted annually to check if people have visual problems.

LCCC has also planned more eye-testing clinics in other rural parts of the country, where people do not have access to these services.

Mbisa commended Intermed, an organisation that donated drugs worth K200 000 for the exercise.

One of the doctors from Canadian Vision Care, Robert Galloway, promised to continue supporting LCCC to ensure people in the country have good sight.

Group village head Kachola commended Lions Club for the clinic, saying many people in his area have eye problems.

“Sometimes we do not take eye problems seriously, consequently they grow into huge ones,” he said.

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