Study your boss

Many people have had bad time at work because of bad relationship with their boss. A bad relationship with the boss can make you not to enjoy your work and can affect your performance and delivery on your job.

Eventually, this can even lead to job loss through either resignation, or being fired or indeed through termination by mutual consent—where you agree to disagree!

It is, therefore, vital that you proactively work to minimise the chance that your relationship with the boss should go sour. The best approach for this is to study your boss.

Even before you start working for your boss, find out a lot about him or her. Speak to his or her previous subordinates to understand the personality of your boss. Specifically, find out what the boss likes and what he or she does not like. Find out his or her approach to work and how he expects his subordinates to work and to conduct themselves.

Do not just focus on what works. Do spend time on what does not work with the new boss. You need to know both sides of the new boss so that you know what to do and what not to do.

You need to also gather information from some of his peers—not just those below him. Ideally, you want to have a holistic 360 degree view of the boss, on which basis you can make a good plan for managing the boos so that you can have an optimal relationship with him or her.

Another method that you should not omit as you study your boss is by asking the question directly to him or her. Ask the boss how he or she works, what he or she likes and what he or she does not like. Most bosses will be happy to answer these questions.

Just remember that the boss may not know everything about himself or herself. That is why in studying your boss, you need to speak to a lot more people beyond the boss himself or herself. We all have blind spots that we are not exactly aware of. By asking others, you get to discover these otherwise blind spots of your boss.

As you study your boss, also find out his or her weaknesses. This helps because you can then work to complement the boss and cover him or her from the exposure arising from the identified weaknesses. Your boss will hold you in very high esteem and his or her estimation of you will be optimal if you regularly cover him or her up on the weak areas. The secret is that you need to do this very smartly and with the humility required.

You do not do this and then go around telling everyone that you are the main man behind your boss’ success. Just do it quietly and humbly. A good boss will also reward you accordingly and without too much fanfare.

As you study your boss, be aware that a good boss will also be trying to study and understand you. Do not act difficult. Open your world to your boss. Let the boss know you as you are. Of course, you need to be a good person and a good professional, so that your boss can take away a very good view of you.

It helps when both the boss and you know each other well both ways. This way, you should expect very few misunderstandings and very few misalignments. That way, your work will be enjoyable and your efforts will become very productive and efficient. Good luck!,

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