The beauty, the tumult

You wouldn’t blame me if I let this plot to Atate Patrick Manja this week. You know what football brutally did to lots of fans in the week. Here you go Atate! 

The English Premier League does have a very good PR machinery. It is widely followed across the world. Bar the publicity, it has proven to have its own moments of thrill such that rarely is the title decided from afar. Since the days when Sir Alex dominated the competition and chalked titles back to back, it has not been easy. Until this week, the swing low swing high fashion of the title has been that only a point now (at the time of writing) separates log leaders Manchester City and second-placed Liverpool. It may still go either way. There is no room for error.

That is the beauty of it all.

Results this week for the rest of the pack chasing Champions League places have been as thrilling. Starting with a shock slip up by Spurs, we all looked to the rest to play catch up and pile pressure for third and fourth. Ironically Manchester United came to shock us with a result that was unimaginable, collapsing to yes fanciful Everton but with a goal margin not befitting Champions League aspirants.

The Gooner family laughed their lungs out over this; forgetting a derby with Crystal Palace the following day which we did deliver in typical Arsenal fashion. We lost as well, failed to make third in a match that was a must-win considering our away form. Chelsea faithful also replicated the same banter only to be forced to a two-all draw on Monday.

Mentally, it appears all teams are indeed struggling to keep up and perhaps the exertions of a long season are manifesting themselves now.

This far, I can still look at the three fixtures the pack of three have and confidently declare we are still in for surprises.

My Arsenal have had blips on the road and it is a foregone conclusion we will drop points unless a mental miracle happens. Manchester United meet Chelsea tomorrow, and that may probably decide who realistically fights for the 4th slot, not necessarily wins it.

This is the tumult that the league faces.

 I believe the third and fourth places may be decided on the final day of the season. It will be a thrill to watch. However I must be  a noble fan to congratulate Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp for a job well done this season. We have seen fruits of progress and probably this has shut up a few JK doubters. I am a confessed Jurgen fan from his Dortmund days and I respect him.

I hope and pray Unai Emery will also roll out a similar project at the Emirates as he has done this far. His results, albeit the poor form on the road, have not entirely been bad for a maiden season.

What a season it has been. The beauty, the tumult.

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