The harsh broom of change

With Herbert Chandilanga


Fellow Republicans,

We are living in troubled times. Just Monday morning—a police officer was shot dead on a bank escort in Lilongwe.

In under a year, we can put together an album of armed robberies from which we have lost precious police officers.

We dissected these and other matters at our circle in the ghetto that Monday afternoon. Excuse our lay approaches to the debates, if you must, but as lay analysts, we still noted that some practices need changing.

Crime is getting as advanced as technology can and we seem to be caught in the thick of things because we have resorted to stay behind when the world is fast revolving.

Look here, in the recent incident, police officers were among a team taking millions of kwacha to the bank, in a mere, ordinary minibus, on our congested roads?

What happened to armoured vehicles made for the job? What can our better placed security analysts say about the rampant trend of transporting absurd amounts of Kwacha in ordinary vehicles?

What are the recommendations?

Republicans, what is so good about being a nation that sticks to the same old routine, even when it is so cheap to decipher the likely hazards?

Our society—at home, church, parliament, banks, government offices or school—is laden with some funny age old practices that we still maintain because none wants to think outside the box or ‘new thinking’ has been outlawed and branded ‘rebellion’.

It’s either we change or change will harshly change us.

Excuse my inclinations to arts, but what do you think about artists with same old approach to live music shows and drama sets?

What about radio and TV adverts that bore you to the bone, lacking even the basic ounce of creativity.

We might have changed in some of these aspects, yes, but not good enough. Inadequate change is dangerous.

Malawi needs enough transformation to match the changing pace of events in this global village.

We need a workforce with the right mind and right tools for the job, in the right environment.


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