US Ambassador treats women to fun

When United States Ambassador Virginia Palmer organised an event for ‘fabulous women’ on Tuesday evening, her home turned into a classy and sassy party zone with women from all walks of life enjoying an unwinding session.

The event attracted women in the fields of information technology (IT), media, politics, health, education and chiefs, among others.

The First Lady (in blue dress) and others dancing at the event

It provided the patrons a platform for bonding, networking, sharing of ideas and experiences over snacks, juice and wine.

Perhaps when the invitations indicated that women should put on their dancing shoes, some had little or no idea as to why that had to be stressed.

So, when the dance floor was opened, the women did not waste time but to dance to the tunes of one of the country’s fastest rising female DJs, Bubblegum.

From the swinging of both the old and the young, the session provided some mental massage, particularly after a day of hard work both at home and office.

For those that have sampled Lilongwe’s nocturnal life, they will attest to the fact that Malawians like to party. That perfectly came out on the night as the women rhythmically danced to every tune together with female expatriates.

Palmer was in her stellar self, dancing with every woman who cared to enjoy some moves with the diplomat. In her trademark toothy smile, she jumped from one patron to another, starting with the guest of honour, First Lady Gertrude Mutharika. 

The First Lady freely mingled and flexed with the rest of the women and at some point, she seemingly challenged the ladies dancing with her to a how-low-can-you-go dance move.

Even former government official hostess Cecilia Kadzamira could not resist shaking her head to some popular hits like African Beauty by Tanzania’s Diamond Platnumz?

With fashion and women being inseparable, surely the women pulled all the strings in their outfits that came in different shapes and sizes, ready to groove the night away. Almost all the patrons took heed of the Chitenje dress code.

And while others were enjoying on the dance floor, some ladies stole a moment for glitz, lights, camera and action by taking pictures.

It was a thrilling night, made exclusively for ladies’ enjoyment.

As the dancing continued, one by one the ladies walked out but DJ Bubblegum continued dishing out more music.

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