CFTC keen to refine two relevant Acts



Competition and Fair Trading Commission (CFTC) says it is working on refining the Competition and Fair Trading Act and the Consumer Protection Act to ensure that the two Acts match with the present business trends.

In an interview, CFTC director of mergers and acquisitions Richard Chiputula said the two legislations are supposed to be in tandem with the developments which have taken place.

Chiputula: We need to refine them

The Competitions and Fair Trading Act was adopted in 1998.

“Since the law was enacted, there have been many developments that have taken place. We need to refine the Act so that it addresses the latest developments,” he said.

Chiputula said if the Act is reviewed, it would be easier to enforce compliance in the private sector.

He said in the absence of a Consumer Council to enforce the Consumer Protection Act, government mandated CFTC to be enforcing the law which means the Act has to be amended for the commission to easily enforce it.

As a step towards refining the Acts, Chiputula outlined that there are draft bills which are being considered by Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs and CFTC hopes that these bills will be brought to Parliament soon.

The ministry’s spokesperson Pilirani Masanjala, in an interview, said CFTC sent instructions of the proposed bills to the ministry, but the instructions were incomplete; hence, the bills have stalled.

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