FDH Bank boosts gendaball with K400 000


FDH Bank has donated K400 000 to the interim gendaball committee to help in putting in place structures.

The sport’s Ethiopia-based inventor Francis Mwalabu thanked to the bank for its gesture saying it will go a long way in improving the sport.

MIT students sampling the sport

“It [the donation] will help us reach out to as many areas as possible apart from laying down the structures.

“For example, last week we were in Lilongwe where we introduced the sport and more recently we were in Zomba and the response was overwhelming,” he said.

Mwalabu expressed satisfaction with the progress of the sport, saying: “The committee I left behind is doing a good job and I get regular updates.

“What remains now is to step up our drive in the hunt for sponsorship so that we can have an inaugural competition.”

On Friday, students at Malawi Institute of Tourism (MIT) in Blantyre got the feel of the sport when they had a two-hour session.

One of the students who sampled the sport, Augaden Mfune, described it as highly entertaining.

“It’s quite fascinating and I have fallen in love with it. The good thing is that it does not involve physical contact and I have embraced it as my new sport,” he said.

Another student, Tiwonge Banda, said: “ I have been hearing about the sport and upon the lecture from the inventor I decided to give it a try and I am excited.”

Gendaball is played using a soft ball , slightly bigger than a tennis ball, which is thrown directly onto a scoreboard comprising 16 holes of varying sixes and point values.

The ball is thrown from a playing court comprising 10 throw stations grouped at four distance levels from the board.


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