When Malawian leaders are embalmed alive

Dear judge Mbadwa,

I am writing this letter with sorrow because of this lackadaisical approach to doing business in the country.

My Lord, there is a lot of things going on wrong in this country and this attitude of Vyako Ivyo ife ndimdauko withu (That is your funeral; for we are not going to change for it is our culture) has been permeating every facet of society and it is prolonging mediocrity.

The political front, My Lord, is bleeding profusely and most senior party members are living a lie of hero-worshipping the powerful leader running the party.

The voices of the likes of Mapuya, Alamu Mwakula Mupume (APM), Lazaro and others are taken as the law and senior party members cannot stomach dissenting views.

People with contrary views or opinions are either being uprooted or being sidelined altogether.

Is it any wonder that a mere opinion of Tally-Star Chazizira that Sauli Cloud should guide the ailing ship called Nyasaland should move to the purging of those who support it?

The finance sector, which is being spearheaded by the likes of Gadall Gando, is in kaput and I don’t need to mention how poor economic policies of Mapuya have led to this economic downturn.

The agriculture sector is virtually dead and the tobacco crop caught the virus and it can no longer rake in millions of United States dollars as it used to.

Are we then surprised that most Nyasas would rather salivate at the funeral tribute Julius Malema makes or praise Kagame or  Magufuli instead of being patriotic in looking at the local achievement?

My Lord, the reason is simple. Nyasas are looking for heros and they aren’t any around, save for thieves, hero-worshippers, plunderers and castigators.

Now, I hear My Lord, all along I have been exposed to fish that is full of toxins because vendors have been preserving it with mortuary chemical, really?

Why should I be embalmed alive, My Lord? I am not dying anytime soon, and I would not allow some unscrupulous individuals to send me to the grave because they want to maximise profits.

Now, if vendors can do that to my favourite Chambo, what other poison have we consumed without our knowing?

My Lord, where are our standards? I have been compelled to write to you because I feel you can summon the authorities, who should have done something but they have been sleeping on the job, to appear in your court.

My Lord, I believe the country is not going forward because its leaders have been systematically embalmed alive, and they behave like corpses or cadavers.

The politicians, especially those who have been embalmed for a long time (grandpa and grandma leaders) think like the fish they consume and act like the dead people they become.

The vision of the dead people is virtually dead and it explains the choices they are making in leading this country.

So, we have an embalmed economy and private sector, a cadaverous education system, a corpse-like health system and a morgue-like justice delivery system.

It is only when we get rid of these embalmed leaders and their vision that this country will move forward.

My Lord, I am still waiting for a signal for you to act.


Munthu Wamba.

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