Namadingo to tour Europe


Gospel artist Patience Namadingo will go on a tour of Europe next month where he is scheduled to perform in Germany, Switzerland, France and the United Kingdom.

The first Europe tour for the award-winning artist will crisscross some of the top cities globally in about a month, he said in an interview.

“Initially, we were going for the Blantyre-Malawi and Hannover-Germany 50th celebration as twin cities. But we extended our contacts there.

Ready for Europe: Namadingo

“We will have a number of gigs in Germany, including in Berlin and Nuremburg, with a total of four cities to perform. We have two big gigs; in Switzerland at the Open Air Festival and Les in Paris,” said Namadingo.

He said the European tour is one of the most exciting in his career.

“We will be performing not only to Malawians. We will be at festivals that are largely patronised by other nationalities. This will be a good opportunity to sell our culture and country to the rest of the world,” said Namadingo.

The artist and his band are scheduled to leave Malawi on June 12.

Said Namadingo: “The tour is not just unique because this is the first time I am going to Europe, but mostly because I am travelling with a full band. This is unique because most of the times Malawian artists usually go alone. This makes me feel rich and strong. I am so encouraged.

“In London we have been invited by the Malawi association for our country’s independence celebrations on 6 July. We will return to Malawi July 8.”

One of the organisers Arne Dresk, a musician who has been to Malawi three times for Blantyre Arts Festival, said the artist is travelling to Europe for a number of shows and other things, including the city partnership between Blantyre and Hannover which are commemorating 50 years. n


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