Phalombe shines in inclusive education


Catholic Development Commission of Malawi (Cadecom) Blantyre Archdiocese has commended its Inclusive Education Project in Phalombe District primary schools for bringing together different children, including those with disabilities.

Children with disabilities learn together with their colleagues

Cadecom Blantyre Archdiocese introduced the project in traditional authorities Nazombe and Chiwalo where pupils mingle freely without any form of discrimination and segregation.

Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (Osisa), who are funding the project, were excited and described the initiative as a relief to the physically-challenged children some of whom did not have the chance to access education.

“It is sad to learn that some children with disabilities were being locked up in their houses, which was denying them access to education. People should know that every person has the right to education. It is, therefore, a violation of rights to lock children up in their homes because of a disability,” said Osisa education programme manager Velaphi Mamba.

Cadecom diocesan secretary for the  Blantyre Archdiocese Mandinda Zungu said statistics have shown an increase in the enrolment of children with disabilities.

“We are happy that more children with disabilities are enrolling in schools and communicating with everyone, which was not the case before,” she said, adding that there is need to train more teachers of special needs children.

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