Arrest them for belittling inquiry

Dear Judge Mbadwa,
I have decided to pen you again, but this time to seek your explanation because I have received numerous queries on why you are claiming to be the most competent court; a tribunal that does not look at issues from the prism of partiality or depending on the political correctness of the person in the dock.
Your court dismissed a case in which Minister Jolijo Chadyaka wanted to have the opposition leaders, especially Lazaro, committed to prison for allegedly  conniving with the opposition in Northern Rhodesia to discredit a properly instituted government because of the maize issue.
The basis of your ruling was that that the inquiry to look into how Madmarc and the Ministry of Agriculture handled the issue had not yet concluded its work; hence, it would be premature to start talking about the role the opposition played in the whole saga.
But days after Mapuya appointed a commission of inquiry, People’s Demagogic Party (PDP) secretary general Afula Wind released a statement, absolving his party of wrong doing and blaming everyone, including the media, of creating a mess.
Isn’t this an insult to Mapuya and his wisdom? Afula Wind has belittled the duly established inquiry because that statement speaks volume that the truth PDP wants is the one its chief executive officer wrote.
My Lord, where do you draw your authority from? The court should have arrested Mr Wind for belittling Mapuya and his inquiry.  I think this crime can be akin to committing treason.
If you can’t arrest the people who unceremoniously reduce Mapuya’s powers by pre-emptying findings of his inquiry through unpalatable statements then it means your tribunal is another monster without teeth.
My Lord, I think it is disrespectful to act in a way that Wind did. Perhaps you can arrest him for undermining authority of Mapuya or for doubting the capability of the inquiry by justifying his PDP’s role in the matter.
If you really have powers, My Lord, you will arrest Mr Wind and perhaps seal his PDP offices for providing unsolicited explanations on the maize saga when Mapuya’s government is already  spending taxpayers’ money to find out the truth about this saga.
Wogula Chimanga Chodula Chija.  n

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