BBC’s sex for grades article

This week, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) carried an article titled ‘Sex for grades’ focusing on West Africa. In it, undercover reporters revealed sex trade in universities and colleges where lecturers offered to admit female students and grade them highly in exchange for sex. A video clip even showed one lecturer in action, boasting about how he entices and beds teen girls in the name of tertiary education.


A brilliant piece, but the practice is not isolated to West Africa. Locally, we have similar cases of carpet examinations that have seen the elevation of students to various college levels not based on intellectual output. Some lazy girls and abusive men have resorted to the easy way out of intense studying and critical thinking to undress for the examiner in a supposed give and take scenario. The poor male student on the other hands toils, sometimes in vain, at the mercy of a resentful and threatened lecturer who decides to downgrade an otherwise deserving boy.

Well, that lecturer who engages in the malpractice ought to be ashamed of himself. He was entrusted with the responsibility of imparting knowledge to that girl, not sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancies or sexual education. It is not his portion and a mere abuse of office. He is a big let down to the education sector and indeed the industry which he betrays with ‘unqualified’ women. He is not worthy to be deemed a lecturer.

To that girl, nothing comes easy in this world. Stop messing your future with that goon and study hard. Earn those grades and prove your worth. He is simply killing you because he will not be there to bed you all the way up that corporate ladder. Performance does not end at school, but proceeds all the way to employment. Will you simply continue bedding every Jack and Jill all your life for recognition? Come on!! Everyone can do better. You are simply being abused.

There are women in offices depending on the men folk for help because they can’t perform for lack of expertise. These are the kind that will not learn, either because they are programmed to spoon feeding or are just rigid. Put simply, they are plain dull. It is partly a result of some libidinous soul in college masquerading as a lecturer. Undressing for him is suicidal. Many do not even realise it, but boast about effortless passing. And there are also those carpet interviews that elevate idiots to positions at the expense of deserving candidates. It is a viscous circle.

I blame all involved, even that man in the workplace shielding the non-performer. If anyone doesn’t want to put an effort, they don’t deserve what they are setting out to get. And if there is a conduit to helping lazy people, he is not worth any accolade and must be called by his true name and nature—pervert. They all deserve no place in an upright society. I rest my case.

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