BT women urged to manage stress


Leadership consultant Mary Mkandawire has advised women from Kabula Ministries, an arm of Kabula Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church in Blantyre, to manage stress instead of being overwhelmed when passing through stressful moments.

Delivering a motivational talk during the women’s dinner at Sunbird Mount Soche on Sunday, she said stress in itself is not bad but it is just a matter of how individuals handle it.

Mkandawire speaks to the women at the event

Mkandawire, who also shared her personal story of the stressful moments she encountered while growing up, gave the women three tips of managing stress which are having a perspective, focusing on what is still good in their life and counting their blessings.

“Challenges are just part of life and it is just the way that we look at things when we are going through the challenges that help us. Bearing in mind that it is not just women who pass through challenges in life, everybody should have a positive mindset towards the things that they meet in life,” she said.

In an interview, team leader of the organising committee, Sally Njolomole, said the women ministries organised the talk as one way of coming together to interact and get to know each other since they just talk briefly at church and at gatherings such as weddings and funerals.

She said aside from having attendance from Kabula SDA Church, the event was patronised by women from other churches as well.

One of the women, Jean Mdzaonako, said she had an opportunity to interact with more women.

During the event, musician-cum-politician Allan Ngumuya entertained the women with his music. n


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