Coronavirus among us

At least by now news of the prevailing coronavirus is not exclusive knowledge privy to a few. At the rate which it has escalated, everyone can feel the effects from within.

When news first emerged of this outbreak, which has claimedthousands of lives, many of us thought it was one of those human health scares that would be contained sooner than later then we move on.

But as it is, man and science have been challenged heavily and the coronavirus (Convid-19) appears to be on the prowl. It has escalated to new areas with fatalities and new cases reported every day. The human race is indeed besieged.

Precautionary measures are being put in place almost everywhere, even in countries where a single case is yet to be reported, as a way of preventing the virus. But its effects have spilled across all the facets of human existence.

Sports events, businesses and global conferences have all been choked in one way or  the other. Some events have been suspended indefinitely while others are taking place under very unusual guidelines and conditions.

Like I have said that the Covid-19 has not spared any space, the arts and entertainment world is feeling the effects too. And sadly, some threat is very close to home. Five members of one of the country’s oldest music group Alleluyah Band are in Italy.

The band has enjoyed a good working relationship with its benefactors in Rome owing to their Catholic Church connections. The band’s trips to Italy are not strange. It is sad that the current trip has coincided with such unfortunate global tidings.

The five members who include band leader Coss Chiwalo, Gertrude Naluso and Madalitso Taferakanso left the country in January for Italy where they held numerous performances. But the reason why they stayed this long is because they were attending Italian lessons.

The sad part is that Italy is the European country where the virus has reached worrying proportions such that a national lockdown has been effected.

All this in trying to contain the virus which has claimed at least 631 lives in the country as of Wednesday.

Such is how bad the picture is and the threat our compatriots are facing in Italy. Chiwalo spoke to The Daily Times newspaper from Italy saying the group is okay and safe. That piece of news is very assuring and welcome.

We pray and hope that everything will continue in that path until they come back to reunite with their families safe.

And then…

They say all is well that ends well. The Patience Namadingo and Lulu spat can be considered dead and buried. The rift between the two local creatives had threatened to erode the gains they have recorded collectively and individually.

But as they say, it takes a man to say I am sorry. Namadingo on Monday released a statement to set the record straight and aplogise to his ‘brother’ Lulu so they could start afresh.

For the fact that Namadingo humbled himself, is a sign that he knows the true value of maintaining a flourishing relationship with his buddies in the business. Alone we can go faster, but together we can go far.

In the same vein, he extended an invitation to Lulu for a mashup as many fans wished from the start. As it is the possibility of this mashup appears distant but Lulu accepted the apology.

He said he doesn’t want to throw away the brotherly relationship he has had with Namadingo for years. However he has in a way diplomatically declined to commit to the mashup proposal.

The Namadingo/Lulu Mashup may never come!

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