Crisis management is test of govt

It goes without saying that election campaigns are based on promises. Each and every political party promises that if given a chance to win, it will form the most credible government that Malawians have ever seen before which would take care of all Malawians.

Even the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), which is the party in power finds it necessary to promise that if re-elected Malawians should expect better things. This is said despite running a failed government. Therefore, they must not just stop at making promises, but should come up with solutions so that there is no repeat of a failed government.

During campaign, every party talks about having a plan for a credible government and this is what people want to hear. However, parties must be mindful that credibility comes after the government is tested with a crisis and passes the test by handling the crisis with a lot of boldness. In short, having a crisis is the best test to find out whether a government is credible or not.

Certainly, Malawi has been faced with a crisis of abductions and killings of people with albinism. In addition to this, there is a crisis of violence mostly by alleged DPP youth cadets. The murdering and abduction of people with albinism is worrisome to all Malawians of good will. Sadly, it is being done without any fear of government authorities and hence the crimes are done at will. With all due respect the Mutharika government casually talks about the crisis of the people with albinism without serious measures to control the problems.

Probably, this was why Minister of Homeland Security Nicholas Dausi was recently quoted in the media as saying the albino problem has not yet reached a crisis level for one to exaggeratingly talk about it. Probably, according to Dausi, the problem can only be worrisome if many more people with albinism can be abducted and murdered.

Judging from public comments, what Dausi said has shocked a lot of people, especially such comments coming from a minister in charge of security. Due to the gravity of the matter, Dausi’s apology has not been accepted by people with albinism. What the minister should bear in mind all the time is that even one life is too much to lose.

People with albinism have for a long time been asking government for security. Government only responded with rhetoric. This is why so many lives have been lost. At the moment, people with albinism have no choice but to seek asylum to other countries. The Mutharika government has failed and cannot be trusted on protecting them.

The other crisis that people feel helpless about is the violence perpetrated by DPP cadets. If one is attacked by such mercenaries, even the police who are supposed to protect people, seem to get scared and run for their lives. The DPP-led government seems to have no idea of stopping the violent party youths. The worrisome thing is that they might even scare people going to vote. Believe it or not, whenever an ‘Ana Adadi’ vehicle passes by people, simply freeze with fear or take cover. Is this what President Mutharika wants? In fact, it goes with saying that political parties do not need armed wings of youths. What people must know is that such wings can grow to full-blown mercenaries and wreak havoc in the country.

Meanwhile, failure to solve the crisis stated in this article has shown that the DPP-led government has no credibility at all. The same will be the case with future governments if they will simply talk about problems and not solve them. Malawians are crying for a credible government and not champions of empty rhetoric.

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