Did I hear right that elections were not credible?

(Mapuya thinks a statement from PAC is undermining his re-election and wants them to be arrested for treason)

Judge Mbadwa: It is not often that we have a sitting president seeking justice for a perceived injustice perpetrated on him. In the past, we have had the Attorney General of Nyasaland, who is a principal legal adviser to government, appearing in court on Mapuya’s behalf. But we can’t stop Mapuya from seeking the intervention of the court on this issue. Mapuya, why should this court listen to you?

Mapuya: I want to remind people that I am a law professor who knows the Nyasaland’s constitution like the back of my hand. I even drafted most of the laws you are using in the country. I have not lost the confidence I had in the AG neither has his work been compromised to warrant his absence in this court, but I thought I had to handle this issue alone. I feel I have been greatly insulted by the Pious Accusers Committee (PAC).

My Lord, why should religious people in their rightful mind describe the elections that ushered me back to power as lacking credibility? My Lord, did I declare myself a winner? Why are they not faulting all those observer groups that had the likes of comrade Trouble Mbeka leading the groups that have already declared the polls free and fair?

My Lord, I do not run the Nyasaland Electoral Commission neither was I responsible for responding to madando the likes of Lazaro raised with the commission.

Instead of being grateful that I left a high paying job at a university abroad and many fortunes to lead them, they are busy calling me names!

I will be forced to order my loyal Nyasaland Police Force to arrest these religious leaders if they are not going to bring evidence to back their claims that the elections were compromised. If it were so, then I could be an illegitimate leader and that statement is treasonous.

Where is the respect of authority they always propagate in their holy books? I know these people hate People’s Demagogic Party (PDP) because I do not appoint them as ministers or board members of my statutory corporations.

I do not report to PAC and sindidya pakhomo pawo for them to conclude that the elections compromised. I have already been sworn in and inaugurated to steer this country into prosperity. If you want to see us becoming a new Singapore, just shut up because that is the vision I am actualising ndiye sitikubwelera mmbuyo.

My Lord, PAC has chosen a wrong time of trying to hit at PDP. We will rule them whether they want it or not. Amenewo alibe nkhani kwambiri! They should concentrate on preaching salvation to souls and leave politics to us.

Mbadwa: Having listened to your madando, I cannot make heads or tails of what sort of injury the PAC statement has made and how you intend to be compensated. Would you make the application again?

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