DPP cadets, respect Parliament

Allow me to begin by welcoming amayi back home. Takulandirani amayi. The Warm Heart of Africa is as good as you left it or should I say just as bad? Nothing has changed except increased load-shedding.

People are still suffering, the economy remains in bad shape, businesses are shrinking, jobs are scarce and there are no drugs in hospitals among others. But wait a minute amai, this is not what you will hear at Capital Hill or from Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) members. To them everything is just fine.

You should not be surprised by this. Even when you were in power, you hardly listened to us and lived in denial. We were your enemies for telling you the truth, but I am sure after the May 2014 Tripartite Elections, you regretted ignoring us entirely. That is politics and you share the blame with the people that surrounded you.

We are faced by the same phenomenon with the DPP. Now its supporters are so arrogant and powerful than their president. That the National Assembly is a sacrosanct office is news to them. They have all the energies to disturb Parliament proceedings. Not only that, they have the power to block legally elected members of Parliament from accessing Parliament building. Don’t even mention the press’s immunity, the cadets have grown muscles to harass journalists on duty and no one can arrest them.

Let me be frank here. We on the streets are not happy with the shameful acts by the DPP Cadets, particularly those who harassed Honourable Patricia Kaliati, interrupted the official opening of Budget Meeting and harassed Times Group journalist.

On this day, we on the streets had our small radios on and headphones plugged into our ears ready to follow the Budget Meeting at Parliament. We take the shameful scenes at the Parliament as a nuisance that should be condemned in strongest terms.

Yes, government, Parliament and other quarters of the society have condemned the occurrence, but, we on the streets feel this is not enough. Our major concern is lack of police action. Why have they not arrested anyone to date? Even the President is silent. Are we really safe in this country?

In our previous entry, we highlighted two critical issues which we think the DPP leadership ignored. We on the streets are so patriotic citizens and we don’t want any violence in this peaceful land, and therefore, we will not tire to remind them that Pro-Chilima campaign initiated by former first lady Callista Mutharika should not be played down.

We can see more divisions. The serious part of it is that the campaign has also shaken the once mighty Midnight Six camp. We can foresee more dirt in the near future. The probability of the campaign to degenerate into a revolution is getting higher by days and seems the party’s leadership is befuddled.

Imagine the party’s President Peter Mutharika now thinks it is the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) orchestrating chaos in DPP. This simply means they do not want to acknowledge that they have internal problems. This is suicidal to the party, but we are not affected. Our only plea is that the DPP cadets should restrict their fights in the party.

Our only solace is time. Soon, we will have our mouths loud open and our statement will be final. Rest well amai and join us watching this political movie.

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