Extend State of disaster to sports

President Peter Mutharika has inevitably declared that Malawi—ravaged by floods that have sliced and swallowed roads, chocked and drowned lives, swept and destroyed property— is in a State of national disaster.
On the evidence of the floods that momentarily turned the Kamuzu Stadium into a dam, this disaster has not spared sports. Now, you can have a picture of the biblical Noah’s days?
My message to Mutharika is that the water that flooded the stadium, where most Malawi leaders were sworn-in except you has a figurative meaning to all that is supposed to go horribly wrong for local sports.
At this facility, some Sports minister ordered the cordoning off of terraces at a cost of K20 million, but as you read this, there are no renovations. Yet, we are made to believe this stadium, has this decade, consumed some K1 billion in renovations.
Mutharika may wish to know that this dilapidated structure is the only worthwhile venue for international matches and, save for the Chinese stadium under construction in Lilongwe, no political regime, has beyond empty speeches, cared to erect more.
There is simply no worthwhile sports venue in the country accessible to the public even schools lack facilities for children to learn sports.
Going back to the stadium, this is a place where everyone involved in sports—right from the Capital Hill—benefits from gate entry fee fraud that is leaving football clubs and players poorer.
The indifference is so deep-rooted that even the Anti-Corruption Bureau  (ACB), despite hosting an anti-football corruption workshop years ago, feigns ignorance of this malaise.
His excellency, the water that invaded the stadium reflect how our football standards have sunk rock bottom. Even most local players are South Africa outcasts, age-cheating is rampant, the Flames are mere spectators of the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations that started today in Guinea, while the administrators make more allowances outnumbering athletes in foreign trips.
Now that some egos have destroyed the netball Queens, there is simply no sport code that can win Malawi a worthwhile medal as sports teams compete in world events on solidarity.
Before I forget, the Sports Policy has been overtaken by events and  is long dead. Your Excellency, is this not enough disaster for our sports?n

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