Faith Mussa weighs in on political campaign

Musician Faith Mussa, in his new single Sitimadya Ndale set for release today, has taken a swipe at politicians for fronting lies and unattainable promises during campaign.

Mussa: It is a reminder that it is not politics that we need

In the song, which features poet Nyamalikiti Nthiwatiwa, Sangie and Suffix, the artist has also decried politicians’ tendency of using youths to achieve their goals during campaign and discarding them once they are voted into power.

Speaking in an interview yesterday, Mussa said the song is about elections, the campaign, the promises, lies and everything associated with the electioneering period.

“Political parties are campaigning, thus lots of promises, realistic and unrealistic, are being made. I wrote this song as an intermediary voice between the voters and those seeking their votes.

“It is a reminder to the politicians to put their personal interests aside and advance issues which resonate with the masses. It is a reminder that it is not politics that we need, but love, tolerance and patriotism,” he said.

Nyamalikiti, who sang two poetic stanzas in the song, said Sitimadya Ndale is a shift from the way artists have previously contributed to the political discourse during elections.

“Traditionally, artists have been used from a restricted angle. Others have just been used in a partisan way to peddle agendas for sitting presidents. Our contribution is independent as we have not been commissioned by anybody. We have gone an extra layer on what an artist can do,” he said.

The poet said these elections present a perfect opportunity for Malawians to take stock of what the country has achieved and if it is getting the change people desire. n

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