Flower Garden

Having looked at a lot issues that concerns people I would want us to look at something different that still concerns the family.

Despite being prayer warriors, praise team and choir members, intercessors, and preachers just to mention a few we all have homes. The home needs to be thoroughly taken care of.

Esther 7:7-8 talks about the king visiting the palace garden where he was venting his anger.

The garden referred to in these verses is a flower garden that can help relieve somebody’s anger, confusion and stress. Walking around a flower garden which is well organised with beautiful flowers blossoming can soothe the broken heart. It would also give someone some peace in order to think things through.

Esther had the garden around her palace which gave the king somewhere to run to in order to cool down.

Do not under-estimate the power of flowers. They can work wonders in people’s lives. We need to have them around our homes. They can also naturally beautify our homes.

There are different types of flowers. For example, short ones; crawling ones (on the ground); medium; and tall ones. Others blossom and flower while others don’t like shrubs but they are equally beautiful.

Remember there are some flowers that give out a beautiful smell at night. You may want to plant these too.

Next week we will look at how to plant these flowers and change our home scenery for the better.

May the good Lord help you look after your home.

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