Fuel shortage worsens again

The fuel shortage crisis in Malawi worsened from last week with motorists queuing on dry pumps for days, an indication that there is no near solution to the crisis despite government’s repeated promises to solve the problem.

But Malawi Government spokesperson Patricia Kaliati on Sunday once again said government is trying to normalise the situation, insisting that some filling stations are aggravating the problem by hoarding the commodity.

“I have been receiving calls from different people complaining about some filling stations. I am reliably informed that some filling stations, out of greed and political reasons, are hoarding fuel to sell to their friends and those plying the black market,” she said.

She added: “This is the reason we called on Mera [Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority] to police this tendency. Of course, we hear that some are saying this is not Mera’s job. So, if this is not Mera’s job, then you need to tell us whose job it is. I think Malawians we need to love each other.”

The Consumers Association of Malawi (Cama) last week said the order for Mera to act by Wednesday on filling stations suspected of hoarding fuel indicates lack of government’s understanding of fuel-business trading procedures.

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