HHI remembers Livingstone



Malawi Scotland Partnership (Masp) executive director Vera Kamtukule has said Dr David Livingstone deserves honour because he contributed a lot to the development of the country.

Speaking on Monday, during remembrance of the early missionary’s birth at Henry Henderson Institute (HHI) Primary School in Blantyre, Kamtukule said Livingstone’s birth signifies wonderful relationship between Malawi and Scotland.

HHI Secondary School students dance to Jennings’ bag pipes sound during the ceremony

Livingstone was born on March 19 1813 in Blantyre, Scotland and died on May 1 1873 in Chief Chitambo’s Village, Zambia.

“About 159 years ago, he advocated abolishment of slave trade and invited British companies to come here. He also brought Christianity and we are at HHI because Blantyre Synod is connected to the Scottish Church,” said Kamtukule.

She said commemorating Livingstone’s birth is a gratitude gesture Malawians can do to honour him.

In an interview, Blantyre Synod deputy general secretary, Reverend Moyenda Kanjerwa, said Livingstone was a freedom fighter who sacrificed his life to set Malawians free from slave trade.

“We should not forget him as he valued the black community, realising that God created people in His image,” he said.

One of the Scots in the country, Ross Jennings, who played bag pipes, a Scottish traditional music instrument during the ceremony, hailed Masp and the Synod for the gesture, saying Livingstone is an iconic figure in Malawi and Africa. n

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