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Malawian artists eye Zambia for exposure

Yet again,  Malawian artists have turned to Zambia in their continued pursuit to find a platform to expose their talents.

Through an agreement between Mikozi Network, Zambian Pan-African music label Elation Entertainment and Power TV of Zambia, one artist stands a chance to have his song featured on Power TV.

Sife MW: It is a good creative exchange

Four artists Sife MW, Afro Soup, Higken and Gaza Uno will have their song featured on Power TV through a public vote conducted through Mikozi Online.

Elation Entertainment chief executive officer Sokwani Chilembo said there is little exposure for up-and-coming artists which leads to talent going unnoticed.

“Together with Power TV, we came together to provide a platform to emerging talent that people need to see and appreciate,” he said.

Chilembo said they want to create a platform where artists will have their music monetised through online uploads and earn royalties in the long run.

He said: “The deal will give them an opportunity to be heard not just in Malawi. If they are indeed worth their salt it will give them a big boost to leave a mark inn the whole Southern Africa region.”

In separate interviews, the artists said the offer from the Zambian television station will help foster the growth of the local music industry.

Sife MW said being considered for such an opportunity is a big recognition to her and she is eager to see how the race will unfold.

“This is a good creative exchange, an opportunity to learn and grow, to share something musically and culturally and ultimately to contribute to the vibrant and diverse music industry in Malawi and beyond,” said the 22-year-old.

On his part, South Africa-based Afro Soup said such arrangements will help to unearth talent of up-and-coming artists.

He said: “Zambians are unique and they invest a lot in their music. They have their standards and they don’t copy a lot from outsiders. As Malawians, we need to learn from them in nurturing the craft and nourishing it.”

In an interview yesterday, Mikozi Online chief executive officer Bright ‘Excess’ Chiligo said as part of the deal, Power TV features trending artists from Malawi through monitoring their platform.

“The local artists have seen their fan base expand upon gaining airplay in foreign countries. This means borders will no longer limit distribution of our music. Having a huge fan base is what defines a music brand,” he said.

For comedian Nya Uyu, who has enjoyed close ties with the Zambian creative industry, the relationship has helped open doors for so many artists.

She said: “My effort has not only benefitted me. It has contributed to the growth of the creative sector. Witnessing the evolution of these multiple relationships has been rewarding.”

Other Malawian artists that have featured on Power TV include Namadingo, Tay Grin, Driemo and Kell Kay.

The channel is available on both DStv and Gotv and is accessible in Malawi, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

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