Manica HIV, Aids steering committee trained

The Malawi Business Coalition against Aids (MBCA) held a day-long workshop at Manica Malawi Limited in Blantyre to discuss key drivers of HIV and how to manage the impact of the pandemic in workplaces.

MBCA capacity building coordinator Veronica Chikafa said they organised the workshop for a steering committee overseeing HIV and Aids programme at Manica.

“It is important to train these focal people as they are the ones driving all the activities at the company.

“We are discussing the key drivers of HIV and Aids at Manica; what have been the consequences of the pandemic and how they can be managed,” said Chikafa.

Lack of HIV and Aids information, low and inconsistent use of condoms and transactional sex where women sleep with men in senior management positions in return for favours such as promotions and further education were cited as some of the major drivers of HIV in most workplaces.

Manica human resources manager Mercy Phiri said one challenge the company faced in managing the pandemic was an ineffective HIV and Aids committee.

Phiri said now that they are starting afresh as a committee and have HIV and Aids awareness programmes lined up, things will change.

“We need all employees, at all levels, to take a leading role in HIV issues. Employees spend a lot of time at work and we want them to be aware of the preventative measures against HIV and Aids and how they can take care of themselves if they are positive,” she said.

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