Mlangeni reverts to music vending

Back to basics: Mlangeni opts for street sales
Back to basics: Mlangeni opts
for street sales

Lilongwe based gospel musician Peter Uyu Mlangeni has said he is resuming selling his music through vending, months after being arrested for vending in the streets of Lilongwe without permission.

Mlangeni whose two previous albums, Wandikweza Yahwe and Ambuye Ndiwabwino were hit hard by piracy to the extent of sinking the money he invested to produce the albums, said he is vending in the streets that helped him reap more money from his new album Ndi Chisomo.

“The music market is not reliable at the moment because of the middlemen. Our CDs reach the consumers at a higher price—almost double the price we offer and this affects our sales. Direct vending is the best solution for me and I am resuming the system,” said Mlangeni adding that his case with the police was resolved and he is free to return to the market.

The Wandikweza Yahwe hit-maker, said for the first time in his music selling history, he sold over 2 500 CDs in just two weeks of music vending in the streets.

The artist said he has already discussed with both the police and Lilongwe City Council for a vending permit which has been granted.

Mlangeni is not the only artist who has seen gold in vending his music, Thocco Katimba, Limbani Simenti, Great Angels Choir and Marvelous Deeds have also been selling their music through street vending.

Meanwhile, Mlangeni has announced that Ndi Chisomo DVD is ready and will be on the market before July 30.

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