Muslims pray for forgiveness

Muslims in the country on Saturday joined their colleagues worldwide in prayers marking the end of Ramadan, asking for forgiveness from Allah (God).

Nikah and Other Islamic Functions Association (Nifa) president Amani Kunje said during the month of Ramadan,  Muslims prayed for a number of things affecting the changing society.

Was at the prayers: Atupele Muluzi
Was at the prayers: Atupele Muluzi

He said: “Those [of us] who are old enough, when we examine our past, we see that things are changing, the weather is changing. We are planting good crops, we have fertiliser in the soil, but do not achieve much at the end of the day.

“There are so many indications that we have wronged Allah and we need his forgiveness. He makes things happen. We are praying for a way out of such calamities that Allah should forgive us and change these things  to move in our favour.”

Kunje said apart from forgiveness, they were also offering prayers to the sicknesses that have inherited human bodies.

He said this year’s theme was Unity and Respect for Muslims.

The prayers, held at the Kamuzu Stadium upper ground in Blantyre, were attended by hundreds of people, including Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Atupele Muluzi, himself a devout Muslim. n



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