Nkhorongo community demands end to illegal bars

Group village head Longwe of Nkhorongo in Mzuzu has said at least one person dies monthly due to excessive drinking of local alcoholic spirits.

The chief said this at the first political debate for ward councillors organised by the National Initiative for Civic Education (Nice) Trust held at Nkhorongo Community Day Secondary School on Wednesday.

Nkhorongo Ward candidate Efrida Mubisa signs a social contract

He asked the candidates to provide tangible solutions to alcohol abuse and the booming of illegal bars in the area.

The candidates included Samuel Kamzimu Gondwe of Malawi Congress Party, Raphael Harold Mhango of Democratic People’s Congress, James Marshall Chilanga of  UTM Party and  Efrida Mubisa of People’s Party.

“Every month, we are burying someone due to excessive drinking of spirits. The bars are located right next to people’s houses and there is heavy noise from them every day,” he said.

Mubisa said although people could not be stopped from drinking beer, she will lobby for by-laws to regulate opening and closing time of drinking joints in the area.

On his part, former councillor Gondwe also pledged to end the proliferation of illegal bars if he is retained as councillor.

At the debate, Nice facilitated the signing of a social contract by the four candidates to ensure that they keep their promises when elected.

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