Pastor pens book on personal growth

Malawi has a significant number of people who believe in God. And out of this number, a big percentage believes in Jesus or are Christians. But when Christians meet, the emphasis is usually on how to enter the kingdom of God. Not much about progressing in life and living a successful life is tackled.

Probably seeing this gap, Pastor Mayamiko Mwamadi of Christian Family Church came up with a sermon on the importance of personal growth and seizing the moment for progress.

Mwamadi (L) and founders of Christian Family Church Apostle Theo and Beverly Wolmarans

But what was once developed as a one-day sermon by the pastor has turned out to be a book teaching Christians about personal growth and the importance of utilising every opportunity in life.

Mwamadi first wrote pieces of information in a notepad around 2003 for a single day sermon, but personal experiences over the years compelled him to add more information and develop the same and now a book is born: Seize The Moment.

“The emphasis is that every activity on earth has a time factor. We, therefore, need to be watchful so that we do not miss opportunities in given moments,” said Mwamadi.

He said many people, especially the youth, do not rightly invest in ‘now’ moments and cause a capacity deficiency in future.

Mwamadi said he delayed in publishing the book but took advantage of this delay to add more personal experiences to the book, thereby making it richer.

“When we do not rightly invest in now moments, we cause a capacity deficiency in our future. We cannot command or demand market forces but everyone who relates well with time is always empowered,” he said.

The 76-page book uses Bible references and makes a unique balance between matters of faith and the reality of life and progress.

The book is based on the interpretation of Time to mean Treasure Invested in every Moment for our Empowerment.

Part of Chapter Seven reads: “When we make most of every opportunity, we will be successfully progressing in many areas of our lives. There will be a time people will be amazed and ask questions. Things will be happening under our watch, hence; we will be able to discern and seize the moment when everyone else cannot see anything worthwhile in what is going on around.”

He also shared several personal experiences one of which centres on the times that he suffered from extreme insomnia and couldn’t sleep even with the help of pills. Mwamadi goes on to share how he decided to start reading the Bible during those idle hours of the night. Even though initially he did not understand the scriptures, he got better with time as the Bible kept ‘feeding his soul’ and his actions started showing signs that he was at another level with his faith in Christ.

“This whole book is my personal experience. I learnt the hard way after missing opportunities in life. But I don’t regret it and this is the reason I encourage readers to work with the ‘now moment’ as every moment has too much value, present and future,” he said.

Mwamadi then acknowledged his past as being responsible for his ability to publish the book.

“I used to contribute articles to John Saini’s Pride Magazine. I have diaries and exercise books where I have been writing my thoughts since secondary schools days,” he said.

So, with the help of his brother Chisomo and his wife Milcah, as well as Dr Tich Tanyanyiwa, Apostle Esau Banda, James and Chikondi Banda, Diana Chitimbe Mawindo and Pastor Mafuno Mwamadi the book Seize The Moment is born.

Published in South Africa last year by the Faithland Publishers, the book was initially launched in that country last month but will be officially launched in Malawi this evening at Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe from 6pm.

It will be sold at K7 000 per copy.

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