‘Supporting each other in marriage’

Any information given is a seed, says Bishop Chris Suya of the Malawi Assemblies of God.

“I believe any information given is seed. It may not germinate today, but one day it will. As such, it is important that people hear the correct information regarding relationships,” says the church minister who is in the marriage counselling ministry alongside his wife Thoko.

The Suyas want to help couples work on their relationships

They are the next couple to share their insights about relationships on the Nankungwi Talk Show on the topic, ‘Supporting each other in marriage’.

“Thoko and I will share some of our own principles that have helped us grow together and live happily in marriage. Getting married can be a miracle, but a happy marriage is not. It’s a result of decisions and deliberate choices to invest in the process of building it. God gives marriage, but He has given us the responsibility of making our marital life happy,” Suya observes.

He notes that there are a lot of lies destroying marriages and relationships.

Suya hopes and that their participation in the show will allow them to use their Christian leadership perception to enlighten others on building healthy relationships, both during courtship and in marriage.

The Suyas are a Christian couple serving the Lord together in church ministry. They met in 1999 and courted for three years, living a sexually pure life throughout their courtship and got married in 2002.

They now minister with Malawi Assemblies of God at Berachah International Assembly at Nkolokoti in Blantyre.

The Nankungwi Reality Show is an interactive television talk show which also features relationship case studies to give the audience life lessons, relationship skills, entertainment and motivation to build strong relationships.

It was started by Marriage Education and Research Network (Mern) to bring awareness to the nation that relationships skills education is a better solution to various marital issues that we are facing in this era.

“The show is all about providing solutions to relationship problems that people face on a daily basis by featuring real people with real life issues,” says Daniel Chibwana, Mern director.

Apart from the featured couple, Chibwana who is also a psychotherapist and a relationship coach responds to questions on relationship issues from the audience.

The programme was a result of a research that was conducted to find out the causes of increasing divorce rates in Christian marriages.

The research found, among other things, that the rates are high due to lack of marriage education, lack of proper application of relationship knowledge and lack of the fear of God.

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