Tannah, Nya Uyu comedy series starts today

Two of the country’s blossoming comedians Sydney Harawa and Felistus Ngwira are set to air their comedy series through their YouTube channel.

The first episode will be released today. It will also be the first major project since the start of their collaboration as Tannah and Nya Uyu.

In the opening episode, they take characters of street beggars who pretend to be blind. Upon being given a K50 note by a white person they follow him to his car to complain that the money he has given is not enough.

Joined forces: Tannah (L) and Nyauyu

To their surprise, as they struggled to relay the message to him in incomprehensible English, the white man responds in vernacular and tells them off. They are left startled.  

The comic duo said the project focuses on a number of themes whose leaning on issues and happenings being experienced in the country. They say so far five series have been produced already but production in on-going.

Tannah, real name Sydney Harawa,  said in an interview: “We will be releasing one episode every fortnight. We have been producing the series for some time now. Due to some problems we took a break but we will resume shooting very soon.”

He said they will rely on their YouTube channel for broadcasting their content as they are still trying to establish agreements with some other local television channels. He has appealed to individuals and companies who are willing to partner them to come forward.

“The project is not focusing on instant benefits but we are looking into the future. On YouTube, it is easy to get international recognition. When the channel gets monetised then we can start from there,” he said.

On her part, Nya Uyu, real name Felistus Ngwira, said the idea is to offer something unique and different to their audience. She likened their joint project to music collaboration which brings two or more qualities in one production.

She said: “The aim is to penetrate into the corporate and social world as sometimes people would love to see more of serious drama than just standup comedy. So this is the start of that road.”

The two comedians have gained prominence due to their increased presence on social media and other platforms. Skits portraying them in various comical ways have attracted so much attention.

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