Twin M and others Akufinyika

We have two new faces on the local music scene Aaron and Andrew Masauli. The two siblings are trading under the artistic canopy of Twin M.

If you don’t know them by their names or their moniker, at least you know their trending single Ndizifinyika. The phrase from the song title has influenced a lot of chatter within different strata on numerous social media platforms. 

As far as their single is concerned, the duo are not the type that is accustomed to living a life which constantly puts them under unnecessary pressure and struggles. Being the youth they are, they want to live it up because tomorrow is not promised to them.

In the song, the Masauli brothers have denounced any form of pressures that can steal the spark in their everyday lives. They sing in the song: Kodi Ndizifinyika? Finyikani nokha ngati colgate (why should I have a life of pretence?).

But as per the interview that the twins gave this publication last Friday, it is not all rosy for them. Akufinyika.The duo lamented how they haven’t gotten any financial rewards despite the popularity they have achieved through their song and its success.

“We have not gotten any penny from this song. It is a hit song yes, but we don’t know how best we can sell it and earn some revenue from it,” said Aaron. Meanwhile Twin M say they are in the process of finding workable ways of monetising their hit song. 

Quite saddening a story it is. But their plight is not an isolated case, neither is it new. Artists among other personalities in Malawi have become household names without having anything financially on them to show for.

Fame doesn’t always translate into riches, at least in the Malawi context. Given their age, maybe the two lads can be excused. I can imagine the view of someone their age and how they relate fame and fortune. It must be a tough time to be the two.

If Aaron and Andrew are serious on establishing themselves as musicians where their survival will solely hinge on music, then they should take this moment as the real dawn of their career journey. To come and put out one hugely loved or liked song is one thing, but to make music your bread and butter is another.

Over the years, we have witnessed individuals come and go. A good number has managed to flirt with music by dropping one or two really beautiful compositions that have sent tongues wagging in appreciation. But sadly they have failed to take the next and most important step to become real musicians.

The two should work on establishing their brand as a serious entity which can be respected and taken seriously beyond the music realm. They have to win the trust of event organisers, corporates and their fellow artists.

This will not be achieved just by putting out one sensational song. No! They have their work cut out for themselves now. No musician has ever survived from record sales alone. Maybe that you used to happen in the past, but it is no longer the case now.

Musicians who are looking up to record sales are wallowing in deep financial problems are plenty. The onus is on them now to lift themselves out of that lot. If they won’t see the way out of that whole, Adzifinyikabe.

And then…

The period after the festive season and New Year’s Day celebrations is always tough for an art and entertainment reporter. After a marathon of engagements during the season, most acts opt for that deserved break immediately after.

It means the beat faces some sort of a dry spell. From a season of plenty, you fall directly in a lean ditch. But at the end of the day you still have pages to fill and readers to feed. It is never an easy period.

Well, that period appears to be slowly getting behind us. Pleasantly, this weekend I have seen a number of acts scheduling either musical shows or drama shows. Limbani Banda is unveiling his new album, Black Missionaries and Zembani Band are also back on the road.

Welcome to 2020. Let the games begin!

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