Vote wisely—Bishop

Karonga Catholic Diocese Bishop Martin Mtumbuka has challenged the electorate to free themselves from “this slavery and dehumanising poverty” by voting for someone who can change the country’s direction.

He made the call Tuesday during Chrism Mass at St. Joseph the Worker Cathedral Parish in Karonga, urging Malawians not to vote for corrupt leaders in the May 21 2019 Tripartite Elections.

Women will make most of the voters in this election

Mtumbuka reminded the electorate that Malawi remains one of the poorest countries in the world, with its citizens lacking necessities in hospitals and failing to make ends meet on the economic front.

He said: “I plead with you women, as many of those who vote are women, this year, choose well. You know very well that there is no medicine in hospitals. Don’t vote for thieves.

“Ladies and gentlemen, free yourselves from this slavery and dehumanising poverty. Vote for someone who can change the direction of this country. People have suffered enough!”

He said the country does not need leaders who simply distribute party cloths during the campaign period, but those with the determination and wisdom to liberate Malawi from its challenges.

“Choose someone who can turn around this country. Especially women, you are very poor. End that poverty by electing better people, don’t just talk,” urged the bishop.

In Mzuzu, Bishop John Ryan also issued a statement, urging the church to remain apolitical in all church matters.

He said: “Catechists and leaders, when performing church duties, also need to remain non-political. Our Church Liturgies should not be used as campaign forums. So, no prospective politician or councillor should speak during our liturgical celebrations.

“If they wish to speak, let them speak after the liturgical ceremony/prayers/mass is finished/closed and people are free to remain or to go,” he declared in the latter dated April 8 2019.

Speaking during the launch of the campaign period last month, Malawi Electoral Commission chairperson Jane Ansah encouraged Malawians to know manifestos of various political parties and candidates.

She said: “A sound manifesto should articulate achievable programmes… Hence, the electorate should be able to decide to vote for the party or candidate that has a programme which is best for the nation.”

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