Who did Suarez kill?

Diego Maradona raises the above fundamental question on Fifa’s swift four-month ban on Uruguay striker Luis Suarez at the 2014 Fifa World Cup in Brazil.

The Argentine raises a pertinent question on whether Fifa can stand on a higher moral ground to ban this football problem child when the same organisation gave Zinedine Zidane the 2006 World Cup Golden Ball despite having head-butted Italian Marco Materrazi.

For once, Maradona makes sense to expose the hypocrisy of Fifa which portrays itself as a model of professionalism when, in fact, it lurches from one damaging bribery and corruption scandal to another.

You need an up and close television footage to appreciate that Suarez’s ‘canines’, as he earlier did on Ottman Balcal and Branislav Ivanovic in a controversy, laden football/biting career, indeed sunk into the shoulders of Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini.

But you do not need any magnifying glass to see that the England football team called The Three Lions was a disgrace.

It was a typical case of football shaming and naming overrated and overpaid spoilt brats drawn from the Hollywood of world football, the English Premier League (EPL).

Suarez may never change no matter the punishments, but then he is just one poor player out of 600 professionals representing 32 teams.

Can we then afford to waste our time on Suarez when England once again flattered to deceive on the big stage?

Being winless in three games is surely embarrassing for a team representing a nation that boasts an outdated claim as football inventor.

England displayed an unpalatable long-ball game on a stage meant to exhibit flair, technique and tactics.

The excuse is that outgoing World Champions Spain and Italy also underperformed, but their case was a mere blips they cannot be compared to a team that last won the World Cup in the 1960s, yet dubiously enters every World Cup final race as favourites, thanks to the football they play in the media.

I refuse to have my World Cup attention diverted from the toothless Three Lions to some Suarez.


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