3.5 million households to get free mosquito nets

World Vision Malawi (WVM) says it will distribute 10.9 million treated mosquito nets by the end of 2018 targeting 3.5 million households to help the National Malaria Control Program fight malaria in the country.

WVM director of programs Charles Chimombo disclosed this in Lilongwe during a start-up workshop for the implementation of the 2018-2019 Global Fund supported Malaria Control program.

Chimombo says distribution will end by December 2018(1)

World Vision is one of the direct beneficiaries of the Global Fund grant to Malawi for fighting HIV/Aids, tuberculosis (TB) and malaria as well as building resilient sustainable systems for health (RSSH).

“As World Vision Malawi, we have never undertaken such a mass campaign but through close collaboration with the Ministry of Health (MoH) and the Global Fund Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM), we are going to achieve this,” said Chimombo.

He said World Vision has been rated highly in a number of the programs it is implementing in the country hence its being recognised to be among the direct beneficiaries of the Global Fund grant.

MoH chief of health services Dr. Charles Mwansambo said Malawi is looking up to the program as one way of controlling the spread of Malaria which stands as number one killer in the country.

Mwansambo said malaria continues to kill more people in the country despite interventions by government and its partners to control the situation because many people behave retrogressively.

“There are a lot of interventions in place but they don’t seem to work because communities are not supportive. For example, only 50 percent of the people who receive treated mosquito nets every 3 years use them,” said Mwansambo.

Maziko Matemba from CCM said the committee will move together with WVM throughout the exercise to ensure that everything is done according to plan and that people are using the nets correctly.

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