Alfonso promotes young designers

Fashion designer Lilly Alfonso recently organised a fashion show aimed at promoting young and gifted designers.

Held in Lilongwe and dubbed TRI Fashion Show, Alfonso said this was an event that was not only about the Lilly Alfonso (LA) brand, but also about Malawian youth.

Models parading on the runway at the TRI Fashion Show

“We have young gifted and talented fashion designers in the country and we used fashion to highlight more on how to be successful using what we possess. So, we showcased designs of younger people alongside the LA designs as a way of exposing their talents,” said Alfonso.

She Added: “The Lilly Alfonso brand has achieved so much by using the little resources it can get its hands on. If I can achieve, why can’t everybody else? If one believes and follows their passion, they can be successful in life.

“Many young people have approached us to sharpen their fashion design skills. I could have used a hand to help me climb and do better in this industry, but there was none. This is why I thought it wise to be there for the up and coming fashion designers to realise their dreams,” she said.

The TRI Fashion show was dubbed such because things were presented in threes.

Faida Banda, 23, is one of the upcoming fashion designers from Area 18 in Lilongwe under the mentorship of Alfonso.

“Before I started getting mentorship from her, I used to sketch, but not the way I do now. One can really see a change from my previous designs. I was very happy to be part of the TRI Fashion Show,” said the young woman.

Alfonso also said that parents should understand that not every child can become what they want them to be, stressing the need for them to consider the children’s passion and help them nurture it.

“Some people are not doing so well in their professions because they are pursuing things they are not passionate about,” she pointed out.

Alfonso said the TRI was part of the brand’s social responsibility towards its 100-year vision to change people’s mindset.

“We call it a chain-movement, whereby, we help someone so that they can help another,” she says.

Considering that for anyone to be successful, they need the right information, Alfonso said the registrar general’s office also made a presentation on how to handle copyright; where and how people can protect their designs; as well as the power of branding. 

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